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  • Summertime

    What is more fantastic than summer-time :)  Sorry for so few blog-post, but we will try to keep you posted when something exciting happens - or BIG...
  • Time flies..

    Time really flies away, and we are already in middle of June. And you all wonder what's happening here. The printers are working really well and I ...
  • Retraction settings - one print to speed up calibration!

    So you are looking for a way to calibrate the retraction-settings to your 3d-printer? We have a found one guy who had done a google-sheet to progra...
  • PrusaSlicer - one slicer to work with - also for support-material-settings!

    We have read a lot of people using different Slicer to use for different things. And as you know, we are aiming for the Open source community and t...
  • KLIPPER firmware on all printers!

    The printer will have a very high stress-load so the three printers are fine-tuned and ready to go. We have also during this period taking the acti...
  • Why BLTouch or 3DTouch - they are expensive?!

    So are you having a BLTouch or 3DTouch on your printer? Maybe you are and they are working great! But they cost a lot of money for what you get in ...
  • Calibration of printers!

    As we have three printers we need to calibrate the printers to really get the same results from all printers. So here is what we do to get a result...
  • This robot-arm will be build!

    Which robot-arm will we build? And why we have chosen this one. 

    So let us grow and make this factory happen.

  • The machine park

    Which machine is available right now?  

    What do we need more? 

    Read this for more information.

  • "Real" Open source

    Why we are choosing Open-source hardware and software. And how we can help the community to contribute.
  • Welcome to NordThing

    THANK YOU for coming here. I hope you will enjoy reading this and get to know me better.

    My approach to life is that EVERYTHING is possible - you just HAVE to do it!