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The process

The process we want to achieve to fully automated business:

1. The order is created
You as a customer put the order on the website. After the payment is received a trigger is sent from Shopify to the right address. 

2. The IP-address receive the order
When the IP-address receive the order this will be sent to my 3d printer.

3. The 3d-printer start
After the computer has sent a command the printer will start to print. When the print is finished a new command is generated to send to a robot.

4. The robot start
The robotic arm will see that the heated-bed from the printer has gone below 20degress when it has been over 70degress. It takes the printed part from the print bed and put this on a 3d scanner platform.

5. 3D scanner makes measurements
Quality control is made with the 3d scanner measuring the printed part. This will bring dimension and weight so it will be right.

6. The robot continue
Takes the part from the 3d scanner platform. The object now has a weight and measurement so the right package could be chosen. 

7. The computer order posting
When the robot is done the computer order a label to put on the package and pay the freight

8. The robot puts the label on package
Sends a message to me to get the package

9. I pick the package and go to the post office
I have to go to the post office to hand over the package

10. Customer receive order
You get the package and get it from the post-office or direct in the postbox

11. Feedback wanted