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- Vision -

Make it possible to move more manufacturers locally

- Mission -

To create one product every month to sell through the store to show it's possible to have a locally manufacturing process

- About -

At NordThing we want to create a small open source an almost totally automated factory - to show today that this is possible for small organizations. This is done in my spare-time and is not to make a living for it. Why stated open is that the components and products are open source and should be able to do for everyone and at a reasonable low cost.

- The name -

NordThing has more meaning that you can think about. Nord is an abbreviation of Nordic - as this is where I live. Nord=Nörd=Nerd is also the meaning and is that I can get totally focused in this kind of tech-things. Thing is the thing I will create in my factory every month that will be sold every month. And this is how we develop the process to get an almost fully automated process.

- Team -

There is no team - it's me alone. All dedicated people who want to do thing real open source should have a lot of credits. If they didn't exist this project would never exist. So for sure we can think about all this people as my virtual helpers.