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Why BLTouch or 3DTouch - they are expensive?!

So are you having a BLTouch or 3DTouch on your printer? Maybe you are and they are working great! But they cost a lot of money for what you get in our opinion. 

What you get is a nice little package with integrated servo-motor and endstop-sensor. Sure it's a hall-sensor… 

We have been struggling with a 3DTouch sensor to get it working in one of our printer and finally we just ordered a servo-motor. Then we removed the 3DTouch printed a mount for the servo-arm and connected the endstop sensor on top of that. 

After that we have not any problems with zeroing the Z-axis anymore. 

If we compare the prices - I could have bought 5 servos + 5 sensors of the price of 1 3Dtouch sensor. 

So what do you choose? In the nearby future we will not change the servo-motor with end-stop motors as that work good for now. 

We will never say never to anything - because one day we feel to change, and then we maybe do it. 

But the price right now is too high for what you get if you buy a BLtouch or 3Dsensor.
You will in the both options have 5 cables running.
You will also in both option have to modify the firmware. 
You will also need to print a fastener to the sensors. 

Our money in the near-future will go for servo and endstop sensors if we will build a new z-endstop sensor.

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