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Welcome to NordThing

THANK YOU for coming here. I hope you will enjoy reading this and get to know me better.

Who are you?
I´m a tech-nerd and really enjoy all that has with technology to do and so much more. So why not do something fun and during that also gain new knowledge because that´s something I really enjoy in life, learning new stuff. 

Later in life I have also been interesting in the processes how everything works and the different applications you can use the existing technology. There is so much software and hardware that's possible to use you just have to broaden the borders 

My approach to life is that EVERYTHING is possible - you just HAVE to do it!

Why do you take the name NordThing?
I wanted a short name and also with different meanings so this turned out to be a good name. As I live in a Nordic country called Sweden - Nord is an abbreviation of Nordic. In Sweden nerd translates to Nörd so if you remove the dots over the Nörd then you get Nord. The Thing turned out to be a good one - because my primary goal will be to produce one thing every month that should be able to buy through the shop. So that´s the story behind the name NordThing. 

What will you do under the name NordThing? 

I want to show that it's possible to build small manufacturing locally. That the capital to bring this is not a huge thing. So that's one of the VISION for this. To bring more manufacturers locally!

This site will try to do this - produce a small mini factory.

The process page is more a first theoretic step how we can try to do this.


We need to think of our future and therefore I see this a good part. Bring manufacturers locally will reduce the climate footprint so we think this is something to aim for. 

I have out three of the GLOBAL GOALS on the front page. 

What platform are you hosted this site on? 
The platform for this used is Shopify as there is everything needed for a Shop inclusive payment option. The reason for this is because Shopify is one of the biggest store-platform and it´s reasonably cheap for what you get.

 One last word?

You still reading? Wow! Then I think you have to follow this journey and see what this ends in! 

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