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The machine park

We have stated about the open-source and what the aim of the site is. Now we are going to go into what we have for machines that can help us achieve the goal. 

For some years ago we bought a used 3d-printer - this was a Velleman K8200 and that is still going strong. With that printer we have learned so much and what you have to do for improving the mechanics to get out almost perfect prints. 

The problem when you start in this 3d printing mechanics you want to have more and more and different kind of printers. So right now we have four printers that are available for printing. We have three FDM printers two of them are CoreXY printers and one is the Velleman K8200. The last one is a Wanhao D7 a SLA printer that you can get out incredible small and detailed print. 

During the time we have build one printer totally from scratch and that is a replica of the Ultimaker S5 with some smaller modifications that doing the printer makes very good prints. And that one is producing the highest quality prints except from the Wanhao D7.

The size of the print bed for the different printers are: 

K8200: 200x200x200 mm
Alternative S5: 340x240x300
Big CoreXY: 400x400x400 
Wanhao D7: 120x68x180

With theese printers we think we can have a really good pace to build a robotic-arm and what´s needed to the automated small factory.

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