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"Real" Open source

NordThing is a big fan of things that are "real" open-source. There is a lot of people and organizations saying that their design are open-source. But when you start to scratch the surface and looking for things that you are looking for - you can't find them.

For us at NordThing open-source are when everything is made available for everyone - not just partly open. And it's gathered together in an easy way to find. Not spread around the globe..

When we choose things for NordThing to make - they should be open source. It should be easy to find the things you need and not time to spend to search through half the net to find what you are looking for.

Things that needed to build for my factory - they should be "real" open source. So other people can build the same things if they want. So my research in designs before I start is to make sure that it's real open source.

There is also a GITHUB account started for these projects - because then we can gather all information on a SINGLE point. Easy for everyone to find all in a single place.

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