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PrusaSlicer - one slicer to work with - also for support-material-settings!

We have read a lot of people using different Slicer to use for different things. And as you know, we are aiming for the Open source community and there is one excellent option there now that we use, and that’s the PrusaSlicer. 

PrusaSlicer is a fork of Slic3r with a lot of efforts in the UI and settings and all over do mediocre thing to a fantastic product. We think that they really have fixed this. 

So we will write a small guide for the settings that we use for the support-material that’s working really great. It's easy to remove the support afterwards also. And the settings were found here from a user called bobstro. 

Settings in Prusaslicer for support material that we use:

Raft layers:0 

Contact Z-distance: 0.25 mm
Pattern: Rectilinear
With sheath around the support: Checked
Pattern spacing: 3
Pattern angle: 0
Interface layers: 4
Interface pattern spacing: 0.2 mm
Interface loops: Unchecked
Support on build plate: Unchecked
XY separation between an object and it's support: 75%
Don't support bridges: Checked


When we started to use this settings - it was so easy to remove the support. 
So hope this can help anyone out there with there settings!

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