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This robot-arm will be build!

I was looking for a "real" open-source project for a robotic-arm. You can find a lot of people and organisation saying that there robotic-arm are open-source. 

My choose for the robot-arm fell on the bcn3d-moveo, this is a "real" open-source design. Everything to build and create the robot is found on Github - and then I mean everything!

So I will create BCN3D-MOVEO robot to have in my factory. This is as I can see one of the more robust(what it looks like) and very good design to start off from a robot-arm. And the instruction how to build it are very good documented.

As NordThing machinepark have 3 FDM-printers the part will be printed simultaneously because the printing of the parts will take a LONG time.

We have also created a fork of this project to do it even better with instructions and obstacle we are hitting.  

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