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Calibration of printers!

As we have three printers we need to calibrate the printers to really get the same results from all printers. So here is what we do to get a result that will make every piece and filament work together.

This is step-by-step guide how we do it with for example new filaments that is loaded into the printer. 

1. We print a temperature calibration tower - look into the spec for the filament temperature and print within. Sometimes we need to go lower in temperature and sometimes higher in temp. (here is the model we usual uses:

2. Print a 20x20x10mm box with one perimeter. See so that each side has the same dimension and that the perimeter is the same that set in your slicer. 

3. Print the square tower to get the right Pressure advance in Klipper with the settings from step 1 and 2. (here is a more detailed instruction on that one:

4. Print the S-plugs to see that you can connect the two pieces together. (here is a more detailed instruction of that one :

That's how we do it to get things work out directly with a new loaded filament or change in any hardware on the printer. 

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